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What Your Dentin Needs to Keep Growing

Posted on 4/20/2018 by Dr. Pickens
Dentin Pickens Family Dentistry WA 98662-6467There are four major components that make up your teeth. Enamel, cementum, the pulp, and dentin. The enamel is the surface of your tooth that is clear and it's there to protect your teeth from hot and cold substances and abrasions.

Cementum is the root of your tooth and the pulp is the tissue that brings your tooth to life supplying it with blood, but what is dentin?

Dentin is a calcified tissue that's protected by your tooth's enamel. Your dentin is yellow, but the intensity will vary from per person, if you get your teeth whitened since the dentin is yellow in some cases people don't get their desired level of whiteness. In this article we are going to be discussing ways to help your dentin grow.

Dentin is the layer that is beneath your enamel, and it is harder that your bones. Dentin has small channels and paths that send your nerves signals and nutrition through your tooth. Dentin is categorized into three types. Primary, secondary and reparative. Dentin will continue to grow and alter all throughout the stages of life.

Ways to Protect Your Dentin

When the layer of dentin gets thin your tooth will become more sensitive and that because the nerve of your tooth is closer to the surface. Here are a few options that you can do to help this.

•  Come into the office for a visit. We can over the thin layer of dentin with a filling.
•  There is also a special paste like MI that you can use to keep your teeth stronger. The paste will provide support for your enamel and it will also help remineralize your teeth and that can help the sensitivity in the places where your dentin is the thinnest.
•  You can also use a mouth guard at night, in case you grind your teeth, and that can impact the enamel near your gum line. When you visit the office, we can fit you with the right night guard for your teeth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us, or come into the office for a visit. We're always here to help in any way we can.

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