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After Dental Implant Surgery

The dental implant surgery is a serious procedure that requires a certain amount of time to recover from. Fortunately, here at Pickens Family Dentistry in Vancouver, WA, we are passionate about helping our patients through every step of the recovery process. Remember, we will provide you with instructions specific to your condition following your dental implant procedure. Always follow your personalized instructions.

If there is any confusion regarding your recovery after a procedure at our office, if you did not receive instructions from our office following your surgery, or if you have lost the instructions that we gave you, please call us at (360) 254-6411.

Below, we will detail some of the general best practices of dental implant recovery for Vancouver patients who have not yet had a surgical procedure, but are looking for information about what they might expect following their surgery.

Don't remove gauze for the first hour after surgery

You will be sent home with some gauze pads in your mouth. It is important that you keep some light pressure applied to those gauze pads by biting down slightly. Do not change the gauze pads for the first hour unless you notice the bleeding seems profuse. You can remove the gauze an hour after the surgery. If you notice that you are still bleeding feel free to replace the gauze pads and apply a light pressure until the bleeding stops. Change gauze every half hour to hour depending on what is needed. Before applying gauze, wet the pads with some cool tap water.

Caring for the dental implant site is crucial in ensuring the success of the implant surgery.

Your mouth is sensitive after an implant is placed

During the first day, it is wise not to disturb the area. The site will be tender and will need at least 24 hours to recover. During this time, do not rinse vigorously, and avoid probing the area with your finger, your tongue, even food. Dental implants represent a significant effort and require time to heal correctly. During the healing process, osseointegration takes place. It’s very important that the bone in your jaw grow around the titanium dental implant post, and smoking during this time will put the success of your dental implant in jeopardy. Even when you are fully recovered, smoking is discouraged, as it can cause your dental implants to fail.

Maintain normal oral hygiene after implant surgery

Keeping your mouth clean is of the utmost importance. Brush your teeth the night of your surgery but be careful to avoid the surgery site. You can start saltwater rinses a full 24 hours after your implant surgery. Just swishing gently with warm salt water can go a long way in preventing bacterial buildup and keeping food matter from getting lodged where it should not be.

Avoid activities after dental implant surgery

You should avoid vigorous activities for a few days following dental implant placement surgery. A substantial rise in your blood pressure can cause bleeding at the site, and even trauma. During the first 24 hours, you should do your best to spend your day resting on a couch or a bed. Be careful when standing up, as lightheadedness and dizziness is a common symptom following dental implant placement. Exercise should be avoided for three or four days following this procedure, as it can result in bleeding at the site.

Bleeding and oozing is normal at the implant site

It is not uncommon for some oozing and even some redness and blood to appear at the implant site. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Gauze can go a long way in the fight to keep bleeding and oozing to a minimum.

If you notice that you are bleeding profusely, if your bleeding will not stop, or if you have any other questions about your implant surgery, please call us right away at (360) 254-6411.
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