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Dental Sealants

Getting sealants is something many people believe is only for children. After all, you bring in your children to get them, or had them done yourself when you were young. However, the benefits of sealants on your teeth extends far beyond childhood. If you haven’t had your teeth sealed in some time, it is time to give us a call here at Pickens Family Dentistry. We can have you come in for a cleaning, and then put a sealant over your nice, clean, healthy teeth to protect them from future issues!

Getting Sealants is Good for the Whole Family

When you come in to see us for sealants, we first want to make sure your teeth are totally clean and healthy. If we seal in dirt and debris, it could cause trouble since it would be sitting right up against your teeth. So, we perform a cleaning on your teeth first, then examine them to make sure they are healthy. Should we find any issues with your teeth, such as a cavity that needs filling, we will clean up those issues and treat them prior to sealing.

Woman receiving dental sealants in Vancouver, WA. Once your teeth are ready to go, we will paint on a sealant on all of your teeth that need protection. We typically cover all of the back teeth, and sometimes we cover the front as well, depending on what your mouth needs. This sealant allows your teeth to have an extra layer of protection against debris, acids, and bacteria in your mouth. Think of it like a coat of varnish over wood, which protects the wood beneath. Sealants do the same type of job.

How Sealants Work

Most people think their teeth are one solid sheet of enamel, but that is not accurate. Teeth are actually porous, and there are millions of microscopic holes all over them. This is how enamel can get lost, and then remineralized later by the foods you eat. When you put a sealant on, it goes into these tiny holes, protecting them from outside invaders. This means that bacteria and tooth decay are not going to be able to affect those teeth as easily. This should give you a healthier mouth for as long as you have sealants on your teeth. Sealants should last between five and ten years, as long as you are actively taking care of your teeth on a daily basis, and coming to see us twice per year. Once they start to wear down, all we have to do is repeat the process over again of cleaning, treating, and then sealing your teeth!

If you want to find out if you still have any sealants on your teeth, or if you want a new set of sealants put on the teeth of any member of your family, give us a call at (360) 254-6411. We will schedule a time for you to come in for a cleaning and a dental exam, and we will then figure out if applying a new layer of sealants would be good for your mouth.
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