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Invisalign® & Propel Accelerated Orthodontics

There are several choices these days when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Most patients want the easiest and fastest route to a healthy and confident smile. Thanks to modern technology, there is a new treatment called Propel®, that can speed up the process of tooth correction. In some cases, you can see results in half the time! You can improve your smile or your bite in about six months, sometimes even quicker.

How Does Propel Work?

The Propel treatment accelerates your orthodontic corrections, such as Invisalign®, in two ways. First, Propel allows the bone to be more pliable. This makes it easier for your teeth to move to the correct position. Second, it stimulates the regrowth of bone and increases your blood flow. This restores the strength of your jawbone after your teeth have moved and your smile has been corrected. Typically, the Propel treatment is performed once every six to eight weeks. Depending on the individual circumstance, it may be necessary to perform multiple treatments within this timeframe.

How Does Invisalign® Work With Propel?

Propel can be used in any case of orthodontic treatment, from traditional braces to Invisalign®. There is a significant decrease in treatment time with traditional braces. However, you will need to double your amount of offices visits so we can adjust the wire accordingly if you would like to cut your treatment time in half. With Invisalign®, you do not need to double your office visits to cut treatment time in half. At the beginning of treatment, you are given all of your aligners. You just need to switch your aligners once a week, instead of every two weeks. The required office visits are still once every four to six weeks.

Case Studies on Propel

There have been several case studies conducted that have proven the efficiency of the Propel Treatment when used with aligners:
•  In a case study on treatment of moderate tooth crowding: Dr. Jean McGill reported a total treatment time of six months, with no refinement needed.
•  In a case study on Posterior Cross-Bite: Dr. Stuart Curry reported a total treatment time of 7.5 months. There was only one MOP application or micro-osteoperforation. Trays were replaced at seven-day intervals, and there was no refinement needed.
•  In a case study of class II misalignment: Dr. Matthew Walton reported a total treatment time of 9 months, with 3 MOP applications. Sequential distalization and Class II elastics were used to help move the back molars. The trays were exchanged every five days during the distalization period, then every three days after that.
•  There were also several case studies performed using the VPro5: There was a treatment time of 6 months to correct a Class I overbite. A Class I crowding was corrected in 4 months, while Incisor Protrusion took seven months and one week. Each patient saw excellent aligner seating during treatment with the VPro5.

What is the Propel Process?



To receive the Propel treatment, you must undergo a series of orthodontic X-rays. This will help us determine the bone width and depth between your teeth. Based on this information, we will select areas of the jaw for a series of tiny holes, known as micro-osteoperforations. This will help us feel the bone beneath your gums and confirm the accuracy of the X-rays.


You will be given a local anesthetic to prevent any pain or discomfort. We will use the Propel device to create small, precise, and shallow holes through the gum and into the designated bone. This will happen on either side of every tooth that is in treatment, and we will make one to three holes depending on the separation. There will be a minor amount of bleeding, but this only lasts a short amount of time and should stop before you leave our office.

Precise Fit:

We will need to use a specialized drill made by Propel know as an “Excellerator,” but there is an alternative, the “VPro5.” This form of treatment is only effective will aligners. The VPro5 is less invasive and uses high-frequency vibration to help better seat the aligners. This essentially means the aligners will be a more precise fit. Properly seated aligners can lead to fewer refinements, less discomfort, more predictability, and an overall improvement in patient satisfaction.

Contact us About Using Propel with Invisalign®

Call us today at (360) 254-6411 to schedule your consultation appointment. Correcting misaligned teeth can give you a smile you deserve. It can increase confidence in both your personal and professional life. We here at Pickens Family Dentistry firmly believe in the power of Propel. If you have been considering orthodontic treatment and want quick results, then we strongly recommend Invisalign® with the Propel treatment.
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