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Sports Guards and Nightguards

Mold for mouthguard in Vancouver, WA.Mouthguards are a very important part of what we do here at Pickens Family Dentistry. People need them for all different reasons from sleeping, to sports protection, and even to keeping themselves from clenching and grinding their teeth together! If you need to get a customized mouthguard for any reason, give us a call and let us help make sure you get the best one for you.

Sports Mouthguards

When playing a sport, it is essential to have a mouthguard in place. Some sports require them, but others, even while they do have contact, consider mouthguards optional. No matter what type of contact sport you play, you should have a mouthguard in. It protects your teeth should your mouth get bumped, and it can protect your teeth from other types of impacts, such as if you were to fall down. Plus, if you clench your teeth together when you play, this protects your teeth from that type of damage, too. We also create a mold of your teeth for this type of mouthguard, but this mouthguard is created a bit differently. Sports mouthguards are form fitted to your teeth and gums, creating a suction when you wear them to help protect your teeth from an impact. Wearing one is virtually guaranteed to protect your teeth a lot more than not wearing one, or wearing one that isn’t customized to your mouth.

Mouthguards to Be Used When You Sleep

There are two types of mouthguards that we can help you with for when you sleep. The first is used if you have snoring or sleep apnea issues. These mouthguards are customized to your mouth, and hold your jaw in a forward position. The reason for this is by having your jaw forward, you are far less likely to have any part of your airway obstructed when you sleep, relieving the symptoms of both snoring and sleep apnea in many patients. This alone can stop the issues associated with sleep apnea for those with mild symptoms.

The other type of mouthguard that is often used while you sleep is one to protect against bruxism. Bruxism is when you either clench or grind your teeth together, occasionally you may do both. This is often done without even realizing you are doing it, making a mouthguard very important. If you sleep and grind your teeth you could wind up with cracked, worn, or even broken teeth, without even realizing that you are doing any damage to them. When this is an issue, we will have you come in to make an impression of your teeth, then create a custom mouthguard to help keep your teeth separate while you are sleeping. If you are one who grinds and clenches even while you are awake, your mouthguard can often be worn then as well.

If you want more information on mouthguards for you or your family, come and see us as Pickens Family Dentistry and let us direct you towards the mouthguard that is going to be best suited to help you. To schedule an appointment please call us today at (360) 254-6411.
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