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Surgical Guides Treatment Planning

Dental assistants smiling about surgical guides and dental treatment plans in Vancouver, WA.Our team at Pickens Family Dentistry knows that precision is what sets us apart. Your dental work can be impeccably planned, including making predictions of the long-term success and future development of your procedure. Dr. Pickens are happy to show you the difference having panoramic images and a customized surgical guide printed or milled can make. Whether you require the placement of dental implants, or the removal of infected pulp, we can restore the health and function of your teeth.

Sirona XG 3D CBCT

Your dental restoration and treatment, including the placement of dental implants, is done using a surgical guide known as the Sirona XG 3D CBCT. This system is unique in its technology. It combines an advanced 2D panoramic view and the mid-field view of cone beam 3D with cephalometric x-rays, commonly used in orthodontics, into one comprehensive diagnostic 3D image. We are able to view a full 360-degree image, visually noting every bone and nerve.

The images from the Sirona allow us to create a treatment plan for you. This technology can be adjusted for patients of all heights, making it ideal for both younger and older patients. Patients love the low radiation necessary, and the high-resolution images that are obtained.

The panoramic program provides information by displaying standard images, pediatric tooth growth and development, the sinus region, the status of the jaw joint known as TMJ, the thick layer anterior, multi-slice posterior and bitewing views. This allows us to view images for multiple procedures.


For endodontics, and planning your root canal therapy treatment, we utilize the CBCT for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Though most root canal procedures are done simply, there can be multiple canals in which the infection has traveled. Procedures are performed using the rotary instrumentation with Protaper Gold NiTi files.

Planned Procedures

Some dental procedures require preliminary steps. From bone grafts, to reducing inflammation, to having an implant bond through osseointegration. Creating a plan is key to long term success. Your path to healthier teeth starts with your dental treatment plan. We will work together to develop a plan based on your specific needs. Our dental team will work together with you, with an end result being a happier, healthier mouth.

Guided Treatment for Implant Placement

Using the Sirona XG 3D CBCT and an iTero® scan, we first develop a digital treatment plan, and then develop a customized surgical guide that is printed or milled. The surgical guide kit is then used when placing the tooth implant.
At Pickens Family Dentistry, we use Straumann implants. We use only authentic Straumann components in your procedure. This is important to note, because generic or cloned parts are commonplace in the dental industry and proven to fail earlier than authentic parts. We caution our patients to be wary of reduced cost options; this is not a procedure that you want to take chances on.

Our office works with multiple oral surgeons around the community to provide immediate implants with immediate temporaries and same day hybrid dentures.

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