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Why Titanium is Used for Dental Implants

At Pickens Family Dentistry, we are passionate about patient education because we know that when you understand what’s going on in your mouth, you are more likely to make the right choice for your dental health. When it comes to tooth replacement, there is no more powerful tool than a dental implant. Dental implants can be used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, even a full arch of missing teeth with permanent and reliable prosthetic teeth. The reason that dental implants are so successful is that of a process is known as osseointegration, which couldn’t happen without titanium implant posts.

The Parts of a Dental Implant

Dental implants are made up of three separate parts – the titanium implant post, the abutment, and the restoration. The titanium implant post is the first part to be placed and the most vital part of the dental implant. The implant post is surgically placed into the bone of your jaw.

Once the implant post has healed, which can take several months, we will be able to place the abutment. The implant abutment screws into the top of the dental implant post and provides some surface area for the implant restoration to be attached to.

The implant restoration is the final part of the dental implant to be placed. The implant restoration could be a dental crown if we are replacing a single tooth, a dental bridge if we are replacing multiple missing teeth or a full arch of teeth. All of these implant restorations are permanent and look just like your real teeth.

The Role of Titanium in the Dental Implant

Titanium plays the most important role in the success of the dental implant. The reason dental implants are so successful is that they replace the whole tooth from root to crown. When we surgically place a titanium implant into the bone of your jaw and leave it to heal, a special process takes place which is known as osseointegration. Osseointegration describes the process where the bone in your jaw grows around the dental implant, providing it with firm support so you have a sturdy tooth that you can use to do all the same things that you might use your natural teeth for.

The Dental Implant Healing Process

Dental implants represent a significant effort and require a decent amount of time to heal correctly. During the healing process, osseointegration takes place. It’s very important that the bone in your jaw grow around the dental implant post. There are some risk factors that you should watch out for during the healing process to ensure the success of your dental implant posts.

Tobacco use of any kind represents a serious threat to the success of your dental implants during any stage of there healing. Even if you were to use tobacco several years after the successful healing of your dental implants, it would put them at significantly higher risk of failure. We strongly recommend that if you are considering having a dental implant placed, that you quit using tobacco.

You should also avoid probing the surgery site following implant placement. If we ever prescribe antibiotics to you make sure to take the full prescription.
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